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We do everything in connection with smart & green design and getting building permit. You can start your project right now. 

Green Principals

1. Your building shall affect your health and wellbeing in a positive way and do not make you sick or depressed.

2. Your resources for its construction and maintenance have to be used wisely.

3. Your utility bills supposed to be minimal or zero.

4. It supposed to be aesthetically attractive.

5. It has to be designed and built in a way, so it could be easily adapted for changes in use. 


Why follow the Rules in Building Design and Construction — Applicable Regulations Compliance

Current regulations usually reflect accumulated experience with fire safety and sound construction practices for different types of buildings and are intended to protect you and public in general. They usually spell out minimum requirements which should be strictly followed or exceeded.  

Why Getting Building Permit

Majority of construction improvements have to be permitted byAuthorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) because itis the law of the area where these improvements will take place. Like other violations of the law, construction or alterations without proper building permits and approvals can have very bad consequences.

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